Protecting God's Children

All Employees and Volunteers who have contact with minors (under 18) must meet the requirements of the Protecting God’s Children Program as set forth by the Chicago Archdiocese. If all requirements are not met, that individual will not be allowed to work or volunteer in any program at St. Patricia Parish. All Parish Employees and Contractors, School Coaches, Youth Ministers and Religious Education Volunteers are required to participate in this training.


A four-step process, ALL completed forms should be returned to Religious Education Director at the rectory office. If you have questions, need help registering for all criminal background check or the workshops, need forms or any other assistance, please contact the Religious Education office.

Step 1
Online background check

Individuals must register for a Criminal Background Check using this link. You do need to assign yourself a User ID and Password. Complete everything listed with the red “x” and make sure you submit your application after it is complete. Two of these red “x’s” are for the DCFS form and the Code of Conduct; please fill these out on-line, print them out and return them to Director of Religious Education, the Site Administrator.












Step 3
DCFS form

An authorization form (referred to as a CANTS form) for the Department of Children and Family Services must be completed each year. You may download the form here.

Step 2
VIRTUS training

Individuals must attend a Protecting God’s Children Workshop. A listing of these workshops can be found at Pre-registration is necessary for these workshops and this can be done also at that website. Click on “registration” and the process is self-explanatory. You will also need to assign a User ID and Password for this process. If you attended a workshop already, please forward a copy of your Certification of Attendance or let us know the location and date you attended so this can be verified through the Archdiocese database. Records are kept electronically and sent to the Director of Religious Education at St. Patricia Parish. You do not need to print out and submit. 

Step 4
Code of Conduct form

Individuals should receive a Code of Conduct form and within that form is an acknowledgement which must be signed and returned to the rectory office to the attention of the Director of Religious Education. You may download the form here.